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Arbutus - the best interface between
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Simplify your path to better
utilization and results.

Arbutus gives you powerful audit analytics that will
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Arbutus Audit Analytics

Designed for audit, risk, and compliance professionals, Arbutus Audit Analytics represents the very best in audit software and data analysis technology. Based on 25 years of audit software innovation and development, Audit Analytics has become the choice of leading audit and data analysis professionals. Important considerations include:

Expand your Capabilities

Switching to Arbutus will increase your analysis capabilities in three areas:

  • Deploy new types of audit tests
  • Extend and refine current analysis capabilities
  • Create new, and maintain existing, audit tests much more efficiently

The benefits? Improved personal and team productivity along with greater confidence in your findings.

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Licensing Options

Improving Usability

Whether you are an occasional or power user, the Arbutus experience will maximize results and minimize frustration. For management, Arbutus’ familiar interface and compatibility with your existing audit applications will improve your team’s capabilities while minimizing transition costs and inefficiencies.

Optimized for Performance

Data sources are getting larger. New types of analysis, like fuzzy matching, require high performance to make deployment viable. You don’t want to compromise the types of tests you can run because of performance deficiencies in your audit software. From simple ad hoc queries to complex, scheduled tests, Arbutus audit software gives you the fastest performance of any audit analysis solution.

Is Arbutus the Right Software Vendor for your Team?

Data analysis continues to be identified as a critical yet underutilized area in performing audits and testing internal controls.

Can your team do more with data analysis? Many factors contribute to the successful deployment and use of data analysis. The software vendor you select to support your analysis needs is one of the most important.

While Arbutus is not the biggest audit software vendor in the market, it is certainly the best. Arbutus is the best partner for audit, risk, and compliance groups who have embraced the importance and challenge of data analysis, and want an ally who will listen to them, innovate for them, and support them. We answer that challenge by enabling our clients to achieve the highest level of business assurance within their organizations. Margie Reinhart - quote

Currently Using Different Audit Software?

If you are using another audit or data analysis application, and would like to learn more about the advantages of Arbutus, please review our 100 Reasons to Like Arbutus.

Brochures (PDFs)

Arbutus Tutorial Videos

Check out our Audit Analytics Training Videos on YouTube, which explain how to use Arbutus in plain language. Some titles include:

Our complete list of Tutorial Videos is here.

Arbutus Analyzer is available for a free software evaluation

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