What’s New at Arbutus

What’s New at Arbutus

At Arbutus Software, all our core applications are actively developed and enhanced. This means that our users benefit from timely fixes, upgrades, and a development cycle that releases one or two new versions each year with useful, meaningful enhancements. Enhancement highlights include the following:

Software Updates Released Links
What’s New in Version 6.0 July 2014 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.7 July 2014 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.6 April 2014 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.5 May 2013 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.4 July 2012 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.3 December 2011 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.2 May 2011 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.1 September 2010 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 5.0 July 2009 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 4.4 November 2008 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 4.3
March 2008 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 4.2
October 2007 Adobe PDF adobe.gif
What’s New in Version 4.1
May 2007 Adobe PDF adobe.gif


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Take control of your data, maintain your audit independence

Data is seldom cooperative, it comes in innumerable formats, and in many/most cases isn’t conveniently located in a Windows accessible database. In many situations the only “easy” organizational data is in the organization’s data warehouse or marts. Sadly, data warehouses are expensive, and so typically contain only the tiniest fraction of the organization’s data for which a compelling business case has been made.

What about the other 99% of the data? When you limit your analysis to the easily available data then you can cripple (or at least limit) the power of your analytics.

Sure, you can get at hard to access data by asking IT to flatten it, but this is a process that can take significant IT time and resources. As well, it has to be fit into IT’s already busy schedule, and compete against other mission critical projects. This can mean your data conversion may be weeks or months away. Even if this all goes well, your auditor’s independence is often compromised, unless you can independently verify or reconcile the data that is provided to other records.

What you might not think about is that a typical analytic project identifies new data requirements as it progresses. You produce one result, and this may change your understanding of the problem. This may lead you in another direction that needs new data. If you rely on IT for your data access, then each time you need additional data it’s a new request, and subject to the same delays. You might not even know if the data exists, or if it does, what it is called; further complicating your request and perhaps delaying delivery. This may result in analytics projects taking months instead of hours, or it may even mean that you can’t get the data by the deadline, so you abandon the (extended) analytic altogether, despite its apparent merits.

When data availability affects the tests you perform then it can have all the characteristics of a limitation of scope. You wouldn’t accept a scope limitation in any other form, so why now? This is why your analytic solution should access the widest possible range of data sources.

Imagine, if you will, that you could directly access all your company’s data, regardless of source, using the same easy interface as for Windows databases. This is exactly what Arbutus offers. Arbutus is proud of our support not only for the Windows and SQL platforms, but also your SAP, IBM mainframe, iSeries/AS400 and Linux data. With native servers on all these platforms, you can seamlessly access virtually any data, right now, and with minimal IT support. Your independence is maintained, your results are available immediately, and your analytics aren’t constrained.

Written by Grant Brodie

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Use of Analytics

Here are 5 Ways that Arbutus will jump start or re-invigorate your use of analytics

Quick, Impactful Wins

Investments in technology can be evaluated in both short term and long term pay off. While long term value is the ultimate measure, Arbutus has proven to also yield immediate, high profile, high impact results within hours or days of being used. The Arbutus SmartApps are one way to achieve fast results. These are 67 results oriented analytics that can be run immediately upon installation. They cover functional areas of Fraud Compliance, AP, AR, GL, Inventory and Fixed Assets. In addition to SmartApps, many unique analytics capabilities, like fuzzy duplicates can also be easily set up and run interactively off the menu system in Analyzer to generate cost/revenue recovery results that cannot be easily done in other tools.
Many new users have some specific types of tests in mind that they want to try but, are not feeling confident yet. A helping hand from Arbutus technical support is a phone call away. Just tell them what you are trying to do and they can often help you get to a meaningful result in just one call.

Create a Sharing and Supportive Team

When it comes to analytics and accessing data, the roles, skills and experiences of your team will vary. Arbutus allows you to have a very collaborative group by making it very easy to give and receive analytics support within your team. Whether your teams is using a desktop only solution, or desktop with server, Arbutus allows shared environments to be easily set up and used for common data sources, analytics and even other supporting audit documents like project plans and audit steps.
There are many benefits to having an easily supported shared environment. Here are some examples/reasons given for using shared folders: 1. A repository of best practice, successful analytics for others to use or repurpose. 2. A shared place of analytics also minimized some of the risks with staff turnover. 3. Analytics deployment. Any analytics test that is in a shared folder can be automatically accessed by all users from the Applications menu in Analyzer.

Flexibility – with how you use, license, and grow

Everyone loves having options. With technology, it is important that you are able to adapt to the ever changing needs and circumstances you face. Arbutus offers many options to give you the flexibility you need for how you use, license and grow with your analytics technology.

Use – Within the framework of data access and analytics, Arbutus should be considered an agile, multi-tasking technology that is specifically designed to help audit, compliance and fraud teams to navigate their challenging environments and meeting their objectives.

Arbutus Analyzer App Menu


Licensing – users can buy (perpetual use) or rent (subscription) any Arbutus technology component. Within those options they can also get dedicated desktop licenses (for each user) and/or concurrent licenses(sharable among a team). Users can have a desktop only solution (Team Edition) or a desktop/server set up (Enterprise Edition).

Grow – As your team or user demand grows, your existing license configuration is not a sunk cost but, an asset to be utilized to meet your new requirements. As your license count increases, your average cost per user will decrease.Arbutus believes in rewarding commitment, not exploiting it.

Complements Existing Tools and Skills

Complements Existing Tools and Skills Most audit While Arbutus can be considered an alternative technology to ACL and IDEA, it is also designed to be a complementary technology to tools like Excel, Tableau and Qlik. Arbutus provides the advanced, audit specific analytics and results that can then be used by Excel and Tableau users without ever needing to learn or use Arbutus. Arbutus ConnectPlus enables the data access and analytics capabilities of Arbutus to be embedded into an Excel spreadsheet or a Tableau worksheet. For teams that are now looking to SQL to support their analytics requirements, Arbutus allows SQL to be run directly from within Arbutus, either interactively or as part of an Arbutus script/procedure. Combining the strengths of SQL with the audit specific capabilities of Arbutus is a powerful blend of technology. Technology silos are not a good thing. All of these are examples of how Arbutus is designed to work and play nicely with other complementary tools and skills in your team.


No other audit analytics technology is optimized for high performance like Arbutus. Many organizations who have switched to Arbutus have seen some of their processing times go from minutes or hours to seconds or minutes. With Arbutus you don’t need to plan around how to handle big data or accept long processing times. If you need to limit the number and type of questions you want to ask of your data, you are limiting the quality and scope of your audit. Both the desktop and server components of Arbutus offer distinct performance advantages


Example above: An Intel I7 – 4 core processor doing a fuzzy duplicates test on a 1 million record AP transaction file using Analyzer desktop.