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Many groups have identified some type of automated/scheduled testing as being part of their analytics strategy. Systematic testing of internal controls is the proactive way for audit, risk, compliance, IT, and financial professionals to gain timely insight into their business processes. Most organizations have embraced, to varying degrees, the idea of continuous monitoring of internal controls. But, it’s not without its challenges.

Although some type of audit specific analytics is being used in most organizations, the reality is that most organizations struggle with automating their analytics.


Recent survey by AuditNet shows that only 9% of organizations have fully deployed continuous monitoring. Many of the barriers that are sited for the lack of success in this area are addressed using Arbutus.

The goal is to make the gap between the idea and the reality of implementing and maintaining a monitoring solution as small as possible. Compared to existing controls monitoring solutions, Arbutus makes the gap significantly smaller and less daunting in the following ways:

  • Usability

    The server-based Arbutus Analytics Enterprise Edition is the ideal technology to power your controls monitoring requirements, but not at the expense of usability. Users get one fully integrated technology that feels like one product, because it is one product. Whether you use it straight “out of the box”, or are also involved in developing tests, your experience from the desktop will remain the same when using the Enterprise Edition. Request a web demo to see for yourself.

  • Cost of the technology

    Whether you are implementing a controls monitoring solution for the first time, or transitioning from an existing solution, the low investment required is just one of the many reasons to consider Arbutus.

  • Cost of the implementation services

    A successful and efficient implementation often requires outside expertise, both with the internal controls tests and the technology. The advanced design of Arbutus minimizes the complexity of implementation. Less complexity equals fewer service requirements. In addition, the repository of pre-built controls tests, which are included for no additional cost, will translate into significantly reduced development time.

  • Cost and time to maintain and add tests

    Changes and additions in business processes and testing requirements are inevitable. The design of Arbutus makes it much easier for your internal staff to maintain and add tests.

  • Effectiveness of tests and results

    The analytics capabilities of Arbutus either match or exceed the existing controls testing of other solutions.  The unique analysis capabilities of Arbutus opens up broader and deeper controls testing opportunities.

  • Speed and Performance

    The scope and size of the data underlying your financial processes and reporting can put significant performance demands on your monitoring solution. You don’t want performance to limit the types and scope of your controls testing. In performance benchmark testing, Arbutus has proven to be significantly faster than alternative solutions.

  • The Arbutus Guarantee

    Any technology implementation involves risk. Arbutus is committed to minimizing those risks, both perceived and real. Like with all Arbutus solutions, there will be no financial obligation to Arbutus until you are fully confident that your controls monitoring solution is meeting your objectives.


Some of the reasons organizations are now successfully running centralized analytics using Arbutus:

  • Straightforward to implement and administer
  • Best testing coverage and results
  • Simple, intuitive interface
  • Budget friendly
  • Full suite of pre-built tests

“I use Arbutus almost every day, and I can honestly say that Arbutus has changed the way we do business.”

- Irma Torres, Corporate Billing Manager, Disability Services of the Southwest


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