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The emergence of data visualization solutions has opened up new areas of analysis and reporting for organizations. It has also generated new interest and enthusiasm among all levels of users in performing analysis and presenting results. Arbutus complements data visualization technology in a number of key areas, allowing organizations to get much better results, usability and value from data visualization.

Five ways that Arbutus will enhance and power your data visualization tools:

  • Advanced Analytics Without All the Programming

    While even simple analytics can yield beneficial results and impressive visualizations, more sophisticated analysis will usually require capabilities that fall outside of your data visualization tool. Some organizations turn to costly customized programming to support these needs. The purpose built analytics capabilities of Arbutus allows for advanced, backend analytics to be set up quickly.

  • Access more data

    Most data visualization tools are limited to spreadsheets, delimited files or databases as data sources. Arbutus can enable access to any type of data that is stored electronically. It can also allow disparate data sources to be combined for use within your visualization tool.

  • Cleanse, Combine and Integrate your data

    Quality results require quality data. Arbutus can be used to both identify and resolved data quality issues as part of making the data available for analysis. Unlike many data quality and cleansing tools which are costly and complex to use, Arbutus is designed to be used by business users to resolve data quality challenges.

  • Agile Analytics

    As your analysis needs change or expand, Arbutus is designed to be an agile analytics platform that can quickly support your evolving needs.

  • Interactive/Self-serve Data Access and Analytics

    Imagine being able to launch a data visualization worksheet that then prompted you with input options like data sources and business specific parameters, before performing advanced analysis on your data and returning the results into a compelling visualization. Arbutus has technology that allows users to take advantage of our data access and analysis capabilities without ever having to learn anything about Arbutus. If you have users who want more independence and control over their analysis and/or don’t want to learn how to use another analysis tool, Arbutus is the ideal technology for supporting this need.


If you wanted to perform, for example, analysis on vendor or employee data that tested for 3 items: showed where there were similar, but not the same, addresses, names and phone numbers. This type of sophisticated test can be set up in Arbutus within minutes with the results being available for presentation in a data visualization tool. The visualization could then add value by showing where the same vendors or employees met the fuzzy tests 1 of 3, 2 of 3 or 3 of 3.

“I use Arbutus almost every day, and I can honestly say that Arbutus has changed the way we do business.”

- Irma Torres, Corporate Billing Manager, Disability Services of the Southwest


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