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Fraud, Compliance & Anti-Bribery

 Sanctioned Provider Name Matching

 Suspicious Key Word Matching

 Transactions In High Risk Countries

 Even Dollar Transactions

 Vendors With Flip Flop Bank Accounts

 Vendors With Flip Flop Alternate Payee Names

 Unauthorized Vendor Data Changes

 Split Payments

 Invoice Receipt Greater Than Purchase Receipt

 Overpaid Purchase Orders

 Key Word Count Analysis

Accounts Receivable

 Aging By Due Date And Invoice Date

 Debtors With Balances Greater Than Credit Limit

 Debtors With Total Amounts Greater Than Credit Limit

 Debtors With Net Credit Balances

 Debtors Transaction Summary

 Transactions Around Specified Date

 AR Duplicate Field Search

Accounts Payable

 Aging By Invoice Date

 Duplicate Invoices Or Payments

 Creditors With Net Debit Balances

 Creditors With Balances Greater Than Credit Limit

 Creditors With Total Amounts Greater Than Credit Limit

 Creditors Transaction Summary

 Invoices Without PO

 Transactions Around Specified Date

 Transactions Posted On Specific Dates

 Transactions Posted At Specific Times

 Transactions By Userid

 AP Transactions On Weekends

 AP Transactions With Rounded Amounts

 AP Duplicate Field Search

General Ledger

 Fuzzy Duplicates Testing

 Journal Entries Balancing

 Journal Entries Duplicates

 Journal Entries Missing

 Journal Entries Weekends

 Journal Entries Specific Dates

 Journal Entries Specific Times

 Journal Entries By User

 Journal Entries For Users

 Journal Entries From Period

 Journal Entries From Period by Journal Source

 Journal Entries Account Balances By Journal Source

 Journal Entries Account Balances For Period

 Journal Entries Large Amounts

 Journal Entries With Rounded Amounts

 Journal Entries Amounts Ending 999

 Journal Entries Summary By Account

 Journal Entries Summary By Account Combinations

 Journal Entries With Specific Comments


 Aging By Receipt Date Totaling Inventory Balance

 Aging By Receipt Date

 Recalculate Inventory Balance

 Calculate Inventory Turnover Ratio

 Zero Or Negative Unit Cost

 Negative Quantity On Hand

 Inventory Location Summary

 Large Inventory Amounts

 Inventory Received Around Specified Date

 Last Sales Price Lower Than Unit Cost

 Compare Sales Price With Unit Cost

 Inventory Duplicate Field Search

Fixed Assets

 Fixed Asset Additions

 Asset Category Summary

 Recalculate Straight Line Depreciation

 Depreciation Exceeding Cost

 Fixed Asset Duplicate Field Search



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